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    Not just the domain of teenagers, acne can be problematic and occur at any age with a considerable percentage of people who experienced clear skin throughout their teenage years developing acne in later life. The following looks at what acne is, its causes and what you can do to treat and prevent...

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    Itchy and Flaky skin

    Intensely itchy skin that is dry, flakes, and can sometimes form blisters is typical of the skin condition eczema. There are several different forms of this common skin condition,some of which have no obvious causes whilst others can be linked to specific external factors. Whilst it is true...

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    Joint Health - Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

    More than 7 million adults in the UK (15% of the population) have long term health problems due to arthritis and related conditions.  Osteoarthritis is usually age related and commonly affects people 50, while the joint inflammation and pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis frequently occurs...

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    Fitness For Function

    There are jobs around that require minimum fitness levels. Positions within institutions such as the military may require a candidate to complete a run, perform certain numbers of particular exercises or repetitions against the clock. It’s fundamental that these individuals must have more...