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Supplements for Stress

There are a host of nutrients that are crucial to the body and its ability to cope with the rigours of daily life.

A daily multi vitamin or multi mineral formula is advised anyway to ensure you are receiving adequate micro nutrients but are especially important during periods of stress.

You may consider adding additional B-Vitamins to your supplement regime. Additional B-vitamins promote a healthy nervous and immune system which can help to counter feelings of fatigue.

Calcium and magnesium are worth considering as they can relieve muscle tension and improve heart health.

Ginseng has been used for many years for a variety of ailments but Siberian Ginseng and Panax Ginseng may help during periods of stress as they support the adrenal glands (The consumer should not take both forms of ginseng together).

If the stress is causing symptoms of insomnia it may be worth considering taking Valerian to help with sleep.

If the stress is accompanied by feelings of mild depression St Johns Wort may be considered.